Welcome to Cornerstone Complete Care – Serving the Danville Area

How We're Different:

Our clinic has a high success rate with chronic and difficult cases because of our unique approach to care:

  • Multi-Disciplinary. Our clinic team includes Chiropractors, Family Physicians, Anesthesiologists, and Physician Assistants, allowing us to combine the latest medical treatments from each specialty simultaneously...compounding the effectiveness of our care. Many patients who may have previously failed with other types of care have found success with this approach.
  • The Golden Rule. Our approach to patient care is guided by one simple principle.... The golden rule. Our Doctors first ask themselves ..."how would I want to be treated?" It is this simple back-to-the basics approach that makes our patients so loyal! This level of care and compassion is far too uncommon in today's "profit-driven" medical model.
  • Pro-active, yet gentle. We are very pro-active in the care we recommend to our patients. We start with the most gentle, conservative non-invasive approach to treatment and only add more invasive care when all other treatment options have proven ineffective.
  • Focused on the root problem. Our approach focuses on the cause of the problem and does not just treat the symptoms.

We Make It Easy

On your first visit to the office we will perform a thorough history and examination and decide whether or not we can help you. If we can help you, we will lay out a comprehensive plan of care designed just for you and a time table you can expect for healing. If we cannot help your particular case then we will not waste your time and will immediately refer you to the most appropriate specialist. Our Discovery Visit is only $29.95 and includes history, brief exam, and 1 x-ray. From this inexpensive visit we will be able to tell you if we can help your case. If you choose to wait on care there is no further obligation. The only thing you have to lose is your pain!

Get Started Today:

Call us to schedule your Discovery Visit for only $29.95.